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An Erotic Short

 She was just about to sign off for the day when his message came through. He was coming to town to visit a longtime friend, but wanted to schedule some beginner yoga sessions during his extended stay. The request wasn’t uncommon. There were plenty of people who wished to continue with their wellness regiment even while they vacationed. She found it odd that he started a new one while on vacation instead of waiting until he got back home. When she asked, he skirted around the question and so she let it go. 

Everything came together with ease. Her schedule was clear for the exact date and time he requested. The morning of his session, she went over her old notes from training while sipping her coffee. It had been awhile since she’d provided beginner instruction. Thankfully, it was just like riding a bike. It all came back to her as though she just earned her certification yesterday. Knowing she was more than prepared for the session, she enjoyed a second cup before heading to the studio.

She arrived an hour and a half early, allowing herself plenty of time to prepare. She disinfected two mats, one standard and one extra long. As he mentioned, he stood well beyond six feet. She chose her playlist carefully. As a newbie, she wanted to ensure he’d be able to relax, to let go of the outside world with ease.

With plenty of time to spare before his arrival, she worked in her own session while she waited. She drew deep breaths as she prepared her body and embraced the inner peace only her practice could bring. She elongated her limbs, sighing as her muscles warmed and all tension slipped from her body as she molded herself to the mat.

“Ahem. Sorry. I’m a little early.”

“Oh.” she stammered, as she rushed to her feet and over to her phone to pause, the music spilling from the studio speakers. Finally, after gathering her composure, she greeted him properly, offered him the extra long mat and went over all the basics.

He was taken by her the second he stepped into her space. She was lost in her craft, completely consumed, unaware of his presence. It was the kind of peace he sought for himself. He wanted to be able to step outside of his daily roles and just be. The simple act of admiring her breathing technique released some of the tension he didn’t know he’d been carrying. Even so, it wasn’t right to just stand there and watch her, and so he made his presence known. He struggled to look away from the glint of pink that flushed across her cheeks when she realized she wasn’t alone. And just like that, it was gone, and she was all business.

He hadn’t expected to be asked so many questions about his medical history. She explained the need was only to offer modifications if I needed them. Physically, he was fine. There was nothing worth noting, at least. Everything that ailed him rested at the back of his mind. He filled out her waiver, zero questions asked. He’d already sold his soul to the devil, almost seven years ago to the date. This? This was nothing.

After all the technicalities were sorted, she handed him his mat and gestured towards the center of the room. A large mirror took up the entire wall from corner to corner. It wasn’t something he’d expected and for once in his life; he felt self-conscious. Still, he rolled out the mat she’d offered, stepped out of his socks and shoes and lowered himself to the floor.

Once seated, he watched in silence as she set the stage. She dimmed the lights to take a backseat to the natural sunlight that poured into the small space. Soothing scents he couldn’t place trickled from a small machine in the far corner and soon, the music began.

As expected, she first encouraged him to relax.

If only it were that easy, he thought, but followed her instruction anyway and soon, by the sound of her soothing voice, he gave in.

Nice deep breaths, in and out, through the nose…

Full submission wasn’t something he was used to, but hell, it was worth a shot. She padded on bare feet and when she approached to correct his form; he glimpsed her coral painted toes and for whatever reason, it briefly took him back to the one place he felt most at ease. He couldn’t be seaside at all times though, and hoped to find another way.

While her face was all business, almost stern even, her eyes were soft and inviting. Her mouth, even more so. She must have caught him, as his eyes lingered a little too long, but instead of stepping away and ending the session right then and there, she stepped forward, tipping her head back to pierce his baby blues the best she could.

As haunted as they were, she broke away to take in the arch of his brow, the cut of his jaw and the natural blushed stain of his parted lips. He caught her breath and swallowed it whole. She nipped at his bottom lip in pure defiance and drug her nails down his sides, slipping her delicate fingers inside his sweats.

A satisfying groan rose from his throat, but when he reached for her in the same way, she drew her hips back, all while still working him with her hand. She wanted to play, and play he would, but under his terms.

Her head dropped back against his chest as he stepped in behind her. He felt her tremble at his touch when he spread his fingers wide from the center of her chest with just the tips of his pinky and ring finger slipping inside the resistant fabric of her sports bra. 

A quiet moan escaped her lips as his fingers teased, bringing her sensitive buds to life. She was as eager for his unfamiliar touch as he was to give it. When his hand slipped between her legs, he returned her favor by nipping at the side of her neck while she all but crumbled to the mat in search of release.

“Do you want me to stop?” he whispered at the shell of her ear and when a strained God no spilled from her lips, his thumbs hooked the fabric at her waist, pulled and lowered them to the mat.

Once completely bare, he sat back upon his heels to take in the sight of her. There was a small arch just beyond the small of her back and she’d taken her knees wide, fully exposed, glistening and needy. He reached out to run his fingers along the delicate flesh to capture what she offered, grabbed tight at the base of his cock, drew two urgent pumps before entering her from behind.

He groaned at the sight of her arching her back to accept him completely. He’d followed her instructions since he’d walked through the door, and now it was her turn. His hips drove forward and reveled in the gasp he drew from her. When she glanced over her shoulder and a wicked smile spread across her otherwise angelic face, he knew he could take her further.

 With one hand wrapped around the back of her neck, the other gripped her hip tight so she could take the full brunt of him. He rode her hard, full release, savoring her submission. Just as the fire began to stir in his belly, she pushed back, resist and dared him to let her lead.

 His hips stilled and the rest of his body grew rigid when she took every inch, milking him from base to crown and teased with slow, shallow dips of just the tip of his cock. The sight of her bent before him, fucking him, taking the pleasure she sought, was enough to break any man. Close. He was so fucking close.

 When her legs began to quiver and threatened to give, she turned on hands and knees. “Fuck,” he groaned as she urged him onto his back. His hips rose in search of her, as his own release threatened to spill at any moment.

 Focus on letting go and melting into the mat

 Her wish was his command. And as his eyelids dropped, she wrapped her mouth around the head of his cock and moaned against his flesh. She’d planted her knees on either side of him. She was bent before him, with her breasts settled against his abs. And when her motions quickened, her hair fell from atop her head and spilled across his lap, leaving his view a bit obscured.

 She brought him right back to the edge and when the pulsing sensation took over; she didn’t pull away. Instead, she planted her palms flat on the mat alongside his hips, stilled, and took all he had. His hips jerked hard and fast and he fucked her pretty mouth until she opened the back of her throat and swallowed. Jesus fucking Christ. He was not finished with her, not even close.

 He didn’t simply want more. He wanted her all. 

 Her startled gasp turned into writhing pleasure as his tongue searched for her and immediately lapped at her glistening folds. He tugged and nipped at the sensitive flesh with his teeth. She was slick, warm and fuck if he didn’t want to make her shatter.   

 Neither shy nor tentative, she took what she wanted and how she wanted it. She rocked her hips, fucked his face and leaned forward to increase her pleasure. While his tongue worshiped her pussy, she arched her body to grind her clit against his bearded chin. 

Her thighs quivered in response to the delicious friction and just as she’d done for him just moments prior, he gripped her tight and savored the taste as she coated his tongue. God. Fuck. echoed throughout the small room.

He recognized his own voice. Solo. Alone. When his eyes flew open, it took a moment for him to gather his bearings. His cock throbbed, heart raced and when he turned his head to the right, his breath caught in his throat.

There she sat, in the corner of the room, completely clothed. Back was the hint of pink across her cheeks, only this time, it was he that should be embarrassed. She watched him curiously, with a slight tilt of her head and truly, it only made the situation worse. He went to gather his things and get the fuck out of there, but she rushed to his side and urged him to lie back down.

“Slowly. You’ll need to ease yourself back into a seated position. It’s not uncommon to experience a little of lightheadedness or dizziness here, so take your time.”

He nodded once without making eye contact, but still followed her instructions. After five minutes or so, he simply rose to his feet, gathered his belongings and headed for the door. He almost made it out, but when she called out, he stopped dead in his tracks.

“Don’t forget this.”

She spoke with a hint of Southern drawl and he wanted to ask her story, how she’d found her way to New York City, but he took his phone from her hand, mumbled his thanks and again began to walk away.

“You’re not the first to fall asleep, ya know.” She whispered from behind him.

“It just means you finally let your mind still and your body to relax. Isn’t that what you were in search of in the first place?”

He turned to face her, finding there was too much distance between them. When he stepped in close, her scent was all too familiar. Even her labored breath felt familiar against his skin.

“None of this makes sense,” he murmured against her lips.

“Some of the best things in life,” she countered, “never do.”

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Word Prompt Poetry

After reaching out to some fellow creatives, I chose 5 words they submitted, wrote a short piece featuring their chosen word. Below each piece, you'll find the name of the creative and where to find their work. Happy reading...

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In a sea of faces
Drowning in chaotic waves
Followed by empty goodbyes
She appeared
To understand without demand
He wondered, could she be real?
Feelings emerge
Submerged in self doubt that never healed
Unrequited affection
No chance of rejection
If never revealed
Laughter turned longing
With words left unsaid
To keep her close
The storm at bay that often lead
To tossing and turning
The words over and over inside his mind
Gazing at  her very moon
Across state lines

Submitted by Steven W. Johnson II

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Tattered knees
And broken wings,
She rose tall amidst a world that’s spinning.
Tragic beauty,
Sharpened thorns,
Crowned from birth,
Her new beginning.
From an ethereal glow,
A strength that urged her
Up and away
From all that weighed her down.
No longer grounded,
She took flight,
Her gaze cast forward.

Submitted by R. Raeta

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Seduction holds no one specific meaning. It’s defined individually, to each their own. She’s captivated by the heat in his eyes while he’s drawn to the sway in her hips. They love the tone of their voice; no definition is crystal clear. Seduction, in its truest form, is unsuspecting and hard to define. A powerful force to make you mine.

Submitted by C. Stewart Lewis

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The flames lapped at her bare flesh, rising and breathing, a life force in itself. She stood for her sins; no repentance spilled from her lips. The fire within her, stronger than any that may singe her shell. Her beliefs, her stance, were not up for debate, and for generations that would follow, her name would linger. Her name, in history, she’d earned her place.

Submitted by Melissa Sercia

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Through his drunken gaze, a cloud of confusion rose from the night before. Bumfuzzled, left flustered, only his need for her remained clear.

The whiskey’d ran smooth, her sinful promises echoed in the corners of his space. Tangled sheets and broken skin, his only real proof she’d been there.

Had she gone as quickly as he came, a dream so surreal? An empty glass, stained the color of her lips, rested on his nightstand.

It laid tipped on its side, a single drop, the flavor of her all that truly remained.

Submitted by Swan Workman

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