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Check out the blurb for HARDPRESSED below!

Interested? To celebrate my first blog post, I'm sharing the prologue to Hardpressed! Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend!


“I need to take a dip.”

I hopped down from the hood of his jeep and followed him into the waves. He disappeared for a brief moment, but once he resurfaced, I took pause. Once the warm months returned, the Texas sun lightened the ends of his hair, a brilliant platinum, and left bronze kisses along his skin.

The ocean trickled down the center of his back as he continued to ignore my call. I didn't have all the answers or the words he wanted to hear. That night and everything that followed was a blur, hard to decipher. With feelings both old and new, there would be no quick fix. But we loved each other, and somehow, we’d make it through to the other side.

When my arms wrapped around his waist, he placed his hands over mine. I’d just rested my cheek on his back when he turned to me, grumbled, and lifted me to wrap my legs around him. He made out like it was because while the water was waist-deep for him, not so much for me. I told myself that despite the current state of our relationship, still, he wanted me close.

He turned us so that the waves would break against my back. It was just one of the many things I loved about our beach and the time we spent there. Only this time was darker than all the rest. My eyes were rimmed with tears while he stood stone-faced, careful not to break.

“Greyson,” I breathed.

And while he pressed his lips to mine, he stopped just short of surrendering completely.

“Say it. Please,” he mumbled against my lips.

But I couldn’t. I couldn't say the words. Not because they weren't true, but because there was still so much yet to be figured out.

“I should take you home.”

His voice had grown cold, void of any and all emotion. With a simple nod, the wind left my hair a tangled mess, wrapped around my face and carried my tears out to sea.

There was always tomorrow, I thought. Only there wasn’t.

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