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My Ups and of Downs of Running a FREE Promotion

I chose week 1 of the new 2021-2022 NFL season to run a, Thursday-Monday, FREE promo on both Hardpressed and Home Bye Christmas. Amazon is on PT, which is 2 hours before me, meaning my promo didn't go live until 2am my time. I woke up, the morning of, to 55 orders despite not making any announcements until around noon my time. I announced the promo on TikTok, Twitter, of which a lot of amazing people retweeted for me to get even more eyes on the promo! I also posted on Instagram, my author FB page and then stalked my KDP report.

The downloads began immediately. This screenshot shows Friday as the most successful day with a total of 254 downloads. My total for all 5 days added up to 585 downloads. I was thrilled. No, scratch that, I was beside myself. But then, per usual when it comes to me, I started overthinking and digging a little deeper, basically determined to find a 'con' because that's what I do.

Before I go anything further, let me stress two things. I appreciate each and every download whether someone pays full price, reads via Kindle Unlimited, or snags the freebie. Second, this is just MY experience. Every author has their own unique experience in the this crazy self-pubbing gig. I'm just sharing mine. Now let's continue.

One thing that jumped out at me was how lopsided the download count was between Hardpressed and Home Bye Christmas. Granted, the latter is a 17 page short but it IS part of my Ocean Falls Trilogy and I mean, it was FREE! So now, as an author, I'm asking myself why and what could I have done differently? Getting HBC some love is on my "to do".

And then I found myself wondering, OK, now what? Almost 600 people downloaded my words and I have nothing to offer them once they get to the the end. That was a terrifying moment but also a good one as it lit a fire under me. Book 2 will be complete before the end of the year. Also, just the sheer number of downloads and how that could have translated in the form of royalties. Then I had to back-pedal and remind myself I have to crawl before I can walk. All in good time...

In conclusion, while my 5 day promo didn't add to my royalties for the month, it did increase my follower count across my social media platforms. It's not about the numbers for me. Instead, it's the visibility that comes with it and that in itself is invaluable. Most importantly, it put my work in the hands of readers who may otherwise not picked it up had it not been free. I can only hope I did enough, as the author of Hardpressed and Home Bye Christmas, to make them look forward to book 2.

Until next time...

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