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Wrapping up 2020

What. A. Year. I'm hoping to wrap up 2020 on a positive note and one thing that will help me to do so is to show my appreciation to my readers. Hardpressed debuted on Oct. 15th and I was terrified. I refreshed my sales page more times than I care to admit and to be honest, that first week, likely shaved a year of so off of my lifespan. Finally, I exhaled and enjoyed the ride. I met my sales goals that month, which in turn inspired Home Bye Christmas. Even though it isn't a standalone short story, at the time of this blog post, it had made it's way into the Top 100 on Amazon. #12 in 30-Minute Romance Short Reads and #38 in Sports Fiction (Kindle Store). If there's one thing that pubbing as an indie author has taught me it's to celebrate EVERY victory.

I'm so appreciative of every single reader, my alpha and beta readers. Also my author twitter fam who basically held my hand through the entire process and made themselves available to me to answer every single inane question I could come up with. I'm grateful for every single mutual who liked and retweeted to help me get more eyes on my work. It's true, being an author can be a lonely existence but if you're lucky, and someway, somehow, I am, then you'll find your tribe to see you through.

With all that being said, let's finish up 2020 on a high note! Hardpressed will be available for just .99 for the remainder of 2020 AND, Home Bye Christmas is FREE through Fri, Dec. 18th! BOTH can be found on my Amazon author page! Happy Holidays!


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